Tool Safety and Handling

Tool Safety and Handling

Here at Manhattan Construction tool safety and handling is paramount to any job we undertake, Including providing and utilizing the proper personal protective equipment for each step. When starting your home renovation, plan and make sure for each task you have the necessary safety gear. If you’re hiring a contractor, ask them what safety certifications they have that apply to your job. If you’re doing the renovation yourself, ask one of the experts at your local construction store such as Lowes or Home Depot. The employees at these companies are well acquainted with home maintenance tasks and can recommend the proper safety gear and tool handling tips for the project at hand. The minimum for most jobs is a good pair of safety glasses, some earplugs, and work gloves. Tools you’ll find invaluable on your next home tiling project.

Tool Safety and Handling Table Saw
Professional contractors and amateur handymen alike know to wear proper PPE including safety glasses, work gloves, and ear plugs.


Tool Safety Inspection

Before starting any project, inspect your tools for defects or damages that could chip or splinter resulting in tool failure or injury. Chisels are especially susceptible to wear-and-tear that could lead to a trip to the hospital. It goes without saying you should ensure you are using properly sized drill bits to prevent stripping screws or skipping the bit, alongside using proper blades or grinding heads dependent on the materials involved in your task.

Selecting a Contractor Focused on Safety

When you’re ready to select a contractor for your home renovation project you should ask them some questions related to the safety of your home and the staff. Ask any potential contractor if they have any certifications that are applicable to the job at hand. What protective gear do they require from their staff? Professional contractors should have all the relevant protective equipment for any job site. If the contractor you’re communicating with doesn’t have answers for these questions it’s time to seriously question if they are the right people for your job.

Manhattan Construction prides itself on employing highly trained staff with safety certifications from industry groups and government programs. By keeping our staff trained and certified we’re ready to help take on any construction, renovation, restoration, and home automation task in Durham Region. Contact us today to get started on bringing your dream to reality.

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