Manhattan Construction Services

Manhattan Construction services are broken into four main categories. Construction, renovation, restoration, and home automation. With over sixty years of experience bringing projects to life in Durham Region, you can rest assured your vision will be in the right hands. Whether you’re ready to build your Whitby dream home, or simply make your Oshawa home smarter and more efficient we’re in the neighborhood and ready to help.


Over the years construction has changed with emerging technologies. Our experts are always in the loop when it comes to new standards, materials, and techniques we can use to build a better product for our clients incorporating efficiencies dreamed about years prior. Your project manager will explain the benefits of material types that apply to your new construction. The savings start at material purchase and in many cases carries over to energy efficiency long after your project is complete and you’re enjoying your new space.


Buying a house is a huge investment; for many of us, it’s the biggest one we’ll ever make. Renovations protect and appreciate your investment and our specialists will do it right the first time. Renovations are a win-win for your family. When houses are appraised, renovations of rooms like kitchens or bathrooms can increase property value substantially. If you invite our specialists to help, we will build you a more comfortable space to live while also developing your investment.


Home restoration is often confused with a renovation, so let’s clear up the confusion. Brand new home improvements are nice but sometimes we just want to bring the old back to life. While renovations often involve something new, restorations work to fix what is broken instead of eliminating it! Preserving as much of the home’s original structure and design as possible.

Home Automation

Manhattan Construction offers full install, configuration, and training of smart home and home automation systems.  What seemed like science fiction only a few years ago is now possible in your own home! This future is known as the internet of things. We sit down with you to go over your system goals before diving into a full analysis of your home to determine what software and hardware will work for you and your family. Proper automation setup can make things easier for your family, from automatically adjusting temperature and lights upon your arrival after work to being able to lock the door from anywhere in the world with your smartphone.