Durham Region Home Restoration Services

At Manhattan Construction our goal is to make your dreams a reality. Sometimes this doesn’t mean building something from scratch, but just bringing something back to life! This is where our expertise in home restoration work with your ideas to renew and revive your home.  If something is broken or damaged, we are here to help make it better! It’s a simple promise that’s the cornerstone of our Durham Region home restoration services.

Home restoration is often confused with a renovation, so let’s clear up the confusion. Brand new home improvements are nice but sometimes we just want to bring the old back to life. While renovations often involve something new, restorations work to fix what is broken instead of eliminating it! Preserving as much of the home’s original structure and design as possible.

Energy and Cost Savings From Durham Region Home Restoration

Typically, home restoration projects require less than other often more complex projects one would see within the context of renovation or construction. This entails less energy, money, materials and so forth. As home restoration is considered an easier project to tackle in most cases it also means the price tag will be smaller. Manhattan Construction works with every job to find the most cost-effective route, but home restoration will generally be easier on your wallet than larger scale projects.

As a result of its cost-effective nature; home restoration is a great way to bring your dreams to life while leaving the least negative impact on the environment and your bank account! Don’t take chances with contractors that seem too good to be true or don’t have a proven track record of client trust – Reach out to Manhattan construction today for a free quote and consultation. We’ll sit down with you and discuss the most cost-effective way to meet the needs and goals of your dream.

Increase Your Property Value with Durham Region Home Restoration Services

Are you thinking of selling your home in the near future? A few simple restoration improvements throughout the home can really increase the value of your home. A great common example would be repairing water damage to avoid giving interested buyers leverage to haggle with your ideal price. 

Restore — Not Replace

Many customers come to us hoping to have something in their home repaired or rebuilt to its original condition. This is a project where original ideas and creations are preserved as much a possible; as compared to simply replacing it with something totally new. Preserving these features is what makes us the premier choice in Durham Region home restoration service providers.

Common Home Restoration Projects

Wall Damage

Perhaps a competitive game of indoor hockey while the parents were out ‘accidentally’ left a crater in the wall the size of the television, or a burst pipe has done damage to a section of your living room wall. This is a typical example of a restoration project as there is often no need to replace the entire wall, but only restore it to its former condition.

Water Damage Repair

Durham Region Home Restoration Water Damage

Floods are annoying in and of themselves but can often have lasting consequences after the clean-up is over. Water damage can commonly occur in many ways throughout the home not limited to rust, rotting, and mold. Water damage can also be more aggressive resulting in emergency work: bursting pipes or leaks. Such issues arising from water damage may not be prevented by simple water clean up and may require further restoration work. Luckily for you, Manhattan Construction is here to help with all your restoration concerns!

Window and Door Replacement

Durham Region Home Restoration Windows

Old and historic homes often provide the perfect conditions for window and door restoration. Often homes such as these will have designs and materials that have ‘gone out of style’ and hard to find. A homeowner may wish to have such windows or doors repaired to their original working condition without replacing them with something new. Such repair work is based in 2 goals; improving to increase efficiency while preserving originality.

Carpentry Renewal

Old and historic homes provide a great example of a prime candidate for carpentry renewal. Existing trim work throughout a house that has deteriorated to a less than optimal condition may benefit from rehabilitation. Our company works to bring the carpentry throughout the home back up to standard while keeping the original design intact as much as possible.

Manhattan Construction is Here For You

When a restoration project is a little bigger than your handy duct-tape can fix, we are here for you! Manhattan Construction boasts a team of skilled and experienced restoration experts ready to tackle your home improvements with your best interests being our main priority. Contact us today with your small, complex or straight out unexplainable restoration projects, and we will have your home back to new in no time!

The Market Leaders for Durham Region Home Restoration

The experts at Manhattan Construction offer a trusted home restoration experience. If you’re in the Durham Region and are ready to take a look at your next home restoration, we’re here standing by ready to help bring your dreams to reality. Reach out to us today by phone or email to set up a quote free of charge.

Manhattan Construction has consulted on Durham Region home restoration jobs in AjaxWhitbyClarington, and more in Ontario. Home restoration is one of our core services, also including renovationsconstruction, and home automation.