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When you’re ready to take on your next construction project, you need a team you can trust. With over sixty years of combined experience in the construction trade, Our team of professionals have tackled Durham Region construction projects from Pickering to Oshawa and everywhere in between! We can bring your construction dreams to reality by providing you with a dedicated project manager who understands your vision.

We know how much your project means to you. Whether it’s your dream home or a new office building, Manhattan Construction provides unparalleled attention to detail and care from the moment we walk on site to the last finishing touch-ups of paint and clean up. We pledge to keep your job site clean and job on schedule with constant communication and updates, ensuring you always know where things stand.

Modern Durham Region Construction

Over the years construction has changed with emerging technologies. Our experts are always in the loop when it comes to new standards, materials, and techniques we can use to build a better product for our clients incorporating efficiencies dreamed about years prior. Your project manager will explain the benefits of material types that apply to your new construction. The savings start at material purchase and in many cases carries over to energy efficiency long after your project is complete and you’re enjoying your new space.

Manhattan Construction is Building Durham Region

Trust your project to experts that call Durham Region home. We are your leading provider of Durham Region construction services. We understand that you have a dream construction project for your home but often can make that a reality by yourself. With our repertoire of skills, expertise, and experience we strive to make your dreams a reality!

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Durham Region Construction Process

One of our core tenets at Manhattan Construction is making sure our client fully understands what is going on with their project. Of course, our highly trained project managers will provide you with daily updates, but to get started we’d like to share with you a general example of a new construction project. Obviously, the construction of a home or building is quite complex and not a one-step project. So let us provide you with a basic plan of how such a project becomes a reality!

Site Preparation

Before starting the actual construction or a home, there must first be a cleared and leveled space in which to work. Manhattan Construction will safely level your site with heavy machinery, removing trees, boulders and other debris to create a safe workplace for the duration of your project. Procedures such as site excavation can be used to prep a lot of the initial foundation.


Our experts will help you select the proper foundation for your project with our free consultation service. The foundation is essentially the building’s base. Foundations may be built using materials such as; concrete blocks, poured concrete or poured slab. Manhattan Construction employs lead concrete specialists to ensure your pour goes perfectly.


This simply refers to the ‘skeleton’ of the home. When you see a home being built in a community that was no walls but only a wooden structure, this is the frame. Manhattan Construction sources high-quality lumber and aluminum framing materials to ensure your home is built to Ontario code and specifications. All supplies will be delivered on-site by our staff and installation will begin promptly.


A home needs a roof. Once the frame of a house is complete, the construction of the roof is ready to begin. Your initial consultation will determine what type of shingles or roofing tiles are most suitable for your build.  If you’re installing solar tiles this would also be the stage they would be prepped and installed ready to be wired up. Your roof will be fully insulated to ensure heat loss is kept to a minimum.

Exterior & Installation

Once the roof is in place and the main structure is complete it’s time to finish the exterior and begin service installation. Our crew will install your selected siding and finish options you discussed with your project manager. Options are available such as siding or brickwork. Doors and windows will also be selected for maximum energy efficiency while retaining your preferred style. Electrical and plumbing fixtures will be installed, connected, and tested to ensure everything is running as planned.

Drywall & Interior Finishing

Now the home starts to look like a home. Drywall is placed throughout the house covering the wooden frame, constituting the walls of your home. At this point, the interior of the home starts to take form. Everything from the trim and painting to flooring, bathrooms, and kitchens will be taken care of. You’ll really see your vision taking shape now! At the end of the process, your project manager will do a site walkthrough with you and discuss and inspect your new construction.

The Market Leader for Durham Region Construction Services

The experts at Manhattan Construction offer a trusted renovation experience. If you’re in the Durham Region and are ready to take a look at your next renovation, we’re here to help. Reach out to us today by phone or email to set up a quote free of charge.

Manhattan Construction has consulted on Durham Region renovation jobs in Ajax, WhitbyClarington, and more in Ontario. Home and business construction are one of our core services, also including renovations, restoration, and home automation.