About Manhattan Construction

About Manhattan Construction
Looking to know more about Manhattan Construction?  Born and bred in Durham Region; the result of a group of hardworking, skilled and genuine construction experts who have come together to provide you with the best in quality service. Having spent decades independently honing our unique skills throughout the Toronto area, we have brought them together to form a company capable of serving customers to the best of our combined abilities. Our team boasts a comprehensive set of skills amongst its contractors, allowing us to provide the consumer with a plethora of quality options to see their dreams into reality. With over 60 years of combined experience, we are qualified and able to provide you with the best service in the construction, renovation, restoration and home automation sectors.

A jack of all trades is a master of none

As they say, you’re good at everything or the best at one thing. Here at Manhattan Construction, we work with teams of sub-contractors who are the best-of-the-best in their respective fields. Our clients are all individuals with their unique project goals; this often requires quality labour in several skill-specific areas. Our sub-contractors are selected to fit each project based on the needs of the client. For some, this may be workers skilled in tapping while other jobs may require specialists in boarding. Offering the best quality of work for each task is why our clients can’t stop talking about Manhattan Construction.

Goals and Values

Our goals within the industry are simple, a desire to provide the community with unparalleled craftsmanship completed by trustworthy experts. We strive to make every one of our customers happy throughout their entire experience. From helpful and caring workers to fair pricing and above all else constant communication paired with beautiful quality work. Our primary objective is to make your renovation, restoration or construction dream a reality!

To accomplish the above, we value quality customer service. Manhattan Construction stands dedicated to making your experience rewarding from start to finish. From the very first call, you will experience a team that is committed to you and your vision. We work with you to develop the optimal timeline to fit your needs while completing the project to our best standards. Throughout a job, there are ‘milestones’ (phases or stages) that we set with you to ensure things stay on track. We always work to reach these ahead of schedule to deliver your final product as soon as possible. All projects are on a predictable schedule, and we take into account risk management preparation for unforeseen events. Our management toolset allows us to quickly respond and react to changing circumstances, modifications, or additions to any real-world projects. It’s this flexibility that has brought us several referrals, as previous clients tell their friends all about Manhattan Construction when the job is done!

On your own, finding the proper materials and products at the best price can be stressful. We take this stress off your shoulders by sourcing and finding the best quality products at the absolute best price, getting your job done the way you envisioned it.

About Manhattan Construction Executives

Brian Vlcko

Brian Vlcko


Brian is a co-owner of Manhattan Construction specializing in the areas of concrete, finishing and project management. He has an impressive history in the field with eight years of experience in certified concrete work, twenty years of construction and over five years of customer service and project management. Brian is skilled in many areas, but what he values most is providing the best in customer relations.

One of the most important aspects of a successful company is working to provide the customer with a stress-free experience; from providing them with the best value products within a budget to reworking a project to fit the clients changing ideas throughout the timeline.

To further touch on Brian’s experience, he is also certified in decorative concrete work, overseeing sites and timeline completion and job pricing. Furthermore, involvement in quality landscaping and backyard oases. Exciting fact; his concrete countertop and kitchen island work appears on the hit HGTV show Custom Built, hosted by Paul Lafrance.

Ted Villeneuve - Manhattan Construction Co Founder

Ted Villeneuve


Ted is a co-owner of Manhattan Construction specializing in the areas of custom basements, additions, and bathrooms. He has proudly served clients throughout the Durham Region for over thirty years, never failing to turn their dreams into a reality!

For me, the most rewarding thing about taking on a project surpassing client expectations. Nothing is better than seeing their eyes light up as they watch their dream kitchen or basement become a reality beyond their greatest expectations. Putting time and effort into a job’s smallest details can make all the difference!

Going beyond Ted’s specialties, he also has experience in numerous other areas such as trim work, painting and drywalling. Furthermore, a history of building homes, cottages, and garages. Exciting fact: his work has not only meet the needs of individual homeowners but also the community as he has built churches and community bars!

Zach Atkinson - Manhattan Construction Tech Specialist

Zach Atkinson

Technical Specialist

Zach has a passion for technology and specializes in our smart home and home automation division. With a background in programming and work with the Unreal Engine, Zach can create virtual mockups using VR technology that allows you to walk through your future construction or renovation to ensure everything is as you want it — before the project even starts.

Technology is about living a better life. I love being able to provide simple solutions for families by automating whole home solutions that can make your day-to-day life easier. Leveraging my experience with VR technologies we are able to present clients with a much better picture of their finished product than was possible even a few years ago.

Zach also has a strong skillset in project management, marketing, and brand management. Zach works with businesses of all sizes, from home businesses to large multinational corporations to promote products worldwide. For more on this work, feel free to check out Creative Branding.

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